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To give you a better idea of all the different projects that we have undertaken in different service categories we have created a small list. See if your restoration needs meet any of the following.

Media Blasting

The process of media blasting is the removal of old paint and rust from metal objects. There are various different types of media from soft to hard medias and we choose the media that is best suited for each individual job.

  • Old vending machines
  • Vintage tool sets
  • Delicate motor parts

Chemical Stripping

Chemical stripping is the process of removing paint and rust by the use of an emersion tank. Is generally used for stripping engines, gas tanks and delicate automotive parts.

  • Automotive brakes
  • Wheel base
  • Engines

Plastic Bead Blasting

Plastic Bead Blasting is primarily used for automotive sheet metal parts, it removes paint without removing the metal and leaves the surface as it was prior to the painting. Because plastic is a soft media, it does not remove any metal in the stripping process.

  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Hoods & Deck Lids

Paint and Rust Removal

This process can be done with a variety of methods. However it all depends on the metal object and its delicateness. 

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Paint and Powder Coat Prep

A great paint job starts with meticulous preparation.

  • Automotive and motorcycles
  • Commercial or residential machinery
  • Fabricated parts

Finish Quality Blasting

If you are looking to improve the appearance of a metal product then the finish quality blasting is the way to go. This is also referred to as cosmetic finishing.

  • Stainless Steel Products
  • Aluminum Products