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What type of final finishes are available?

Our final finished work many times ends up being the cosmetic finish for a product before it goes to market. 

What hours do A-1 Metals operate?

A-1 Metals operates between the hours of 8-4:30 during the summer months and 7-3:30 in the winter months. 

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a generic term given to the process of removing unwanted debris or paint by means of a mixture of abrasives and high pressure air.  Sandblasting is a old term and perhaps better fitting to today’s terminology would be abrasive blasting or media blasting.Most reputable blasters no longer use sand.

What is chemical stripping?

Chemical stripping is the process of removing unwanted materials or rust by immersing the item in chemical tanks.

Do we offer mobile services?

Not at this time, but we can arrange for items to be picked up and deliveried to our shop.

What size jobs can we handle?

No job is too small, but we do have a minimum $25.00 invoice. On the other side, almost no job is too big. Our largest blasting booth can accommodate a full size semi-trailer. We also have a large fenced yard and we’ll keep your items dry until you can pick them up or arrange for transport.

What type of things do we work on?

Almost anything metal, some plastics, fiberglass, wood, cars, motorcycles, trailers, railing, gas tanks, engines, frames, pumps, patio furniture, weldments, heat exchanger plates, signs, bicycles, and heat registers.

What types of media can we use?

Our standard media is called Starblast from the Dupont Company. We also use plastic bead, glass bead, crushed glass, aluminum oxide and slag.